Improve Indoor Air Quality to Fight Against Covid-19

All you need to know about the impact of poor indoor air quality on the diffusion of the virus, how to limit its spreading, and what Ethera can offer to ensure a safe environment inside your building.

Manage air quality measurements in Smart Buildings with NEMo Cloud

Combine air quality optimising and energy saving: interpreting data with indoor environment index, predicting air quality for the coming hours, and detecting malfunctions in the ventilation system.

The most commonly-used IAQ measurement kit in public buildings

Compliance with the decree 2015-1000

Continuously analyse IAQ-related parameters including formaldehyde. Unique method to measure formaldehyde to meet requirements set by ANSES and the environment minister.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Measure and manage air quality to work in a healthy and comfortable environement. Ideal for smart buildings to help reduce noises, manage lights and temperature.

Trichloramine measurement for indoor swimming pools

NEMo TC, the unique solution to continuously measure trichloramine in indoor pools while optimising HVAC systems.
Public Health Issue

Indoor Air Quality: a major public health issue


of europeans are living in a polluted air


of buildings have at least one source of indoor pollution

million french people suffer from respiratory allergy - a figure that has doubled in 15 years

deaths are linked with air pollution every year in europe


Indoor Air Quality Measurement


This device is made for indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis and analysis campaigns. It is an ideal solution for building inspections to meet national IAQ-related guidelines. This station can be connected to IoT networks such as Sigfox, LoRA et LTE-M. An air quality report will be generated automatically at the end of the diagnosis campaign to compare with figures of reference.

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Our NEMo XT allows to continuously monitor the concentration of formaldehyde, noise level, light, VOC, particulate matter (PM1/2.5/10), NO2, O3, etc.

Various types of sensors (including formaldehyde and trichloramine) as well as data communiction solutions are provided to meet the user’s preferences. Thanks to the high level of modularity, each station can be configurated specifically according to types and sources of pollution.

This indoor air quality monitor can be ordered in simple version or in highly modular version with multiple additional parameters as well as communication options.

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Formaldehyde, CO2, LVOC, TVOC, Particulate Matters (PM1/2.5/10), Radon, Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Light, as well as NO2, NO, O3, H2S, NH3, SO2 and Trichloramine (major pollutant in indoor pools).
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Our stations can be found connected in most countries via Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-M, NB IoT…). It is easy to set up wirelessly in either public or private networks. Also available on local communication protocol Modbus.

Air Purification


Ethera’s PURETECH Granules allow to specifically trap formaldehyde without any release. Several types of granules have been designed to absorb formaldehyde in a long-lasting way, unlike active carbon, without releasing the gas in flowing air. A number of home electrical appliance manufacturers have been relying on our technology. Available in powder or granulated form.

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10 Years’ Experience in IAQ

manufacturing site dedicated for air quality

Facing the challenge brought by Indoor Air Quality, Ethera has a research office for Electronics & Instrumentation, two laboratories dedicated for characterisation and analysis, as well as a production site for filtrating granules. These unique resources enable Ethera to position itself as one of the main players in the air quality market.

laboratories for characterisation

Ethera has two laboratories for analysis and characterisation, as well as test chambers. A 30m3 CADR chamber is also available to carry out tests under air purification systems.

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