Trichloramine monitor NEMo TC

NEMo TC – Connected trichloramine monitor

NEMo TC is the first portable swimming pool air quality recorder measuring continuously Trichloramine with the performances in compliance with requirements for swimming pool air control.

Running on battery or power supply, our trichloramine monitor is equipped with an internal memory and is compatible with IoT networks. it is easy to install in any type of pool. 







What is Trichloramine and why following trichloramine concentration is important?

Trichloramine is the source of the characteristic “chlorine” smell of swimming pools. This molecule is created by the reaction between the chlorine used for water disinfection and the organic materials brought by swimmers (sweat, cosmetics, saliva, urine, dead skin…). It is a highly volatile gas that can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation, asthma and rhinitis in the event of prolonged exposure. As a result, pool workers (lifeguards in particular) are particularly exposed. Asthma and rhinitis are recognized as occupational diseases by Decree 2003-110 of 11/02/2003.


Monitoring air quality in public pools, water parks, spas, hotels, spas and thalassotherapy…

Optimising ventilation systems

Preventing occupational diseases

Air quality control in agri-food industries using Clean-In-Place (CIP) with chlorinated products


  • Exclusive and patented Ethera technology for continuous measurement of Trichloramine.
  • Measuring actual exposure to pollutants and identifying pollution peaks.
  • Modular and evolutive, possible to add additional sensors (PM2.5 / PM10, VOC, Radon …).
  • Device connected for remote access to measurement results (via Sigfox, LoRa, Bluetooth, Wifi, RJ45, GSM…).
  • Simple and user-friendly data management software, cloud interface and mobile application.
  • Automated reports directly used for comparison with the guide values.