Air purifier

Air purification through filtration

Ethera offers a complete range of air purifiers* to cover a large number of applications such as offices, workshops, indoor construction sites…

Thanks to there characterization equipment (test benches and CADR chamber), Ethera has selected a range of air purifiers with the best efficiency without generating any harmful by-products.

One of the major advantages of our systems is the possibility to select the filters to optimize air purification according to the application. It is thus possible to choose a quantity and type of filtering media (HEPA type, type of carbon, blend of carbon / PureTech…).

*Ethera’s Air Purifier range is reserved for clients based in Europe. 


PURE Air rowenta

Air purifier DESIGN

Well designed and silent, this product is suitable for applications like office or hotel.

Purificateur d'air 3000 blc

Portable air purifier HIGH EFFICIENCY

This product can be installed in workplaces and carries up to 3 kilos of active carbon.

Purificateur AirWash COV

Air purifier SPECIFIC

Possible to to fill the filter cartridges with the selected filtering media to deal with specific pollutant

Purificateur d'air AirWash MultiPro

Air purifier MODULAR

To be customized and paired to adapt to specific types of pollutants and volumes (construction sites, following accidents, etc.). 

Purificateur Haute efficacité AirWash BOSS

Air purifier LARGE VOLUME

This product is suitable for applications requiring fast treatment or high volumes.

Purificateur d'air fixe

Air purifier FIX

Can be fixed in technical areas, attics…

Possible to customize filtering media



Thanks to NEMo Cloud and air quality analysis


Low frequency of filter replacing thanks to high on-board capacity


Possible to collect data wirelessly thanks to optional IoT solutions


Edit the IAQ reports with the option to carry out analysis


Select and design specific filtering media

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Eliminating dust, particles, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and biological contaminants in offices, laboratories, workshops and industrial areas.

Protecting employees, making sure to comply with occupational exposure limit values

Limiting the spread of pollutants outside their emission zone

Treating pollution not covered by a source capture system or related to an accident (flood or fire).

How to choose your air purifier?

Ethera’s specialists are here to advise you to choose the best air purifier for your application.

Here are the criteria for selecting the air purifier:

  • Type of air treatment required (filtration, physical treatment…)
  • Required flow rate
  • Required air velocity
  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Investment and operating costs
  • Space and noise level
  • Type of installation (stationary, mobile or in a technical area…)

Filtration: an efficient and healthy solution

Filtration is recommended in most installations because it does not generate any harmful by-products, unlike photocatalysis (formaldehyde and nanoparticles) or devices using plasma (produce ozone).

NEMo Cloud, our IAQ and OAQ data management platform. 

Service available 24h/24h. 

Product advantages

  • High energy efficiency thanks to high-efficiency engines.
  • Professional range with 5-year warranty
  • Low maintenance (filters with long lifetime)
  • Customizable filtering media
  • Possible to be paired with measuring instruments