IAQ solutions

The Challenge

All over the world air quality needs to be improved to decrease health impact.

Ethera develops until more than 7 years IoT solutions for air monitoring, diagnostic and treatment.

Applications: public area, buildings and industrial impact or process. Sensors allows a smart world: smart city, smart buildings and smart industry.

The Solution

A complete range of devices and softwares adjustable to a lot of applications.

Turn key solutions particularly well suited to distribution.

All devices and software are designed in France near Grenoble (Crolles) by an experimented staff. Chinese subsidiary take in charge customer relationship for asia.


Autonomous solutions


Connected devices

Up to 12 IAQ parameters

Example of smart building offer

Mobile app

Mobile responsive

A complete application to manage IAQ station and data treatment. Store, download and share data in real time.

Pad touch version

Large screen allows more information display like multi-station comparison.

Complete setup

Wide range of option available like alarms configuration.

Data treatment

More than 12 parameters can be showed and treated to detect disfunction.

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