Air quality data management platform

This solution allows to collect data via  a dedicated internet server with a personal access, without investing in material or daily operation and management. Using the latest security and privacy-protecting technologies, your data will be accessible at all times.

Simplicity as a guideline

  • Easily deploying through our services
  • Visualising your data with the user-friendly interface
  • Automatic report editing
  • Remote assistance available

Dynamic Graphics

Dynamic graphics allow you to select parameters, time range and automatically adapt scales for easy viewing of curves.

The strong points:

  • Concentration of your data
  • Real-time access to your data
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Cost-effective solution

Various possible configurations

Remote and real-time access to data via NEMo connect (wifi or RJ45) (Other optional options). Visualising data via NEMo Cloud interface or retrieval via webservice.

Need: – NEMo + NEMo connect or NEMo Sigfox + additional subscription to Sigfox Find the NEMo view application in order to have your data displayed on smartphones.

Air quality data available 24/24h



Machine learning and AI

  • Ethera is working to propose a new offer based on its own cloud solution. Don’t hesitate to call us to try this innovation with machine learning and AI to serve Air quality while significantly saving energy.

This service is available with 

  • All NEMo range
  • NEMo connect