Profil’air® modules

Optical reading module for Formaldehyde (Réf : PA-MRF421)

The Profil’air® optical reading module quantifies the color variation of the nanoporous sensors and transmits it digitally. It connects to a computer through its USB port. The associated Profil’air® Manager application allows the user to store and manage all of the data.

System Requirements : PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, with 2 USB ports available

Dynamic sampling module (Réf : PA-MEX001)

The module encloses a hermetically isolated exposure chamber where the sensors are placed. It exposes the dynamic sampling sensors to a controlled air flow, thus accelerating the capture process of the materials.

It connects to the pump module or to any other pump on the market with a controlled rate of 200ml/min.

The module is equipped with a belt clip, it can be worn by workers to measure their individual exposure to chemicals, in order to respect PELs. .

Pump module (Réf : PA-MPO201)

This pump is calibrated to draw air at a flow rate of 200ml/min. This is necessary for dynamic air sampling.

Coupled with the dynamic sampling module, it creates a controlled air flow around the dynamic sampling sensors, thus accelerating the capture process of the material.