Air Purification with  PureTECH® 

Granular filter media integrating saturation indicator

The granulated chemical pollutants PureTECH® trap is an innovative filter media with a unique trapping capacity. The material has a surface area similar to active carbon. Impregnation “in the bulk” of its pore allows an irreversible chemical pollutants trapping at once without any releasing.

Moreover, this characteristic allows the material to gradually change color as pollutants are absorbed. It thus visaually indicates the saturation level, so maintaining and changing filters can be optimised.

PureTECH® for purification

PureTECH® is the ideal material to be implemented either alone or together with other indoor air purifiers, (such as adsorbent cartridges, photocatalysts) for pollution control. It is used to clean the indoor air in public buildings, laboratories or industry, even in the presence of a fire risk thanks to its relative non-flammability. PureTECH® is one of the only filter media on the market with proven efficiency for formaldehyde trapping.


Saturation level indicator

Substantial specific surface similar to active carbon

Trapping without releasing

Constant efficiency




  • Sol-gel process
  • Irreversibly trapping formaldehyde in indoor air
  • Colorimetric index of the saturation level of PureTECH granules
  • Perfectly compatible with NEMo QAI or ERP measurement range, for continuous measurement and detecting pollution peaks.