Air filtration pellet – Puretech

Purification with PureTECH®

Granular filter media with saturation indicator integrated

The granulated chemical pollutants PureTECH® trap is an innovative filter media with a  single trapping capacity. The material has a surface area similar to coal  assets. Impregnation “in the bulk” of its pore allows an irreversible trapping chemical pollutants in time, and prevents any release thereof.

Moreover, this functionalization allows the material to change color gradually as he pollutant load. It has thus intrinsically a visual indicator saturation to optimize maintenance cycles filters.

PureTECH® is the ideal material to use pollution control alone or coupled with other purification devices indoor air (adsorbent cartridges, photocatalysts, …). It finds application in cleaning indoor air of public premises, laboratories or industry, even in the presence of fire risk by its relative flammability. PureTECH® is one of only filter media market with demonstrated for trapping formaldehyde efficiency.