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Health and Safety

Assessing workers’ individual exposure to chemicals: a necessary constraint

Protecting the workers’ health and safety is essential for any company. In order to comply with regulations, employers are required to evaluate the Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) of their workers for several dangerous chemicals that include VOCs. 

Other existing solutions are unreliable, or require expensive and complex laboratory testing. 

Simple and affordable solutions to measure PELs

ETHERA provides solutions to measure individual exposure to chemicals. They are reliable and easy to deploy in a measurement campaign. Direct analysis after exposure of the sensors overcomes the troubles linked to external laboratory tests, thereby reducing costs. It also enables you to control all of the collected information. 

ETHERA solutions are designed for all types of Permissible Exposure Limits: 

  • Short-Term Exposure Limits (STEL), measured over a maximum of 15 minutes, to protect workers from immediate to short-term toxic risks.
  • Time-Weighted Averages (TWA), measured over 8 hours, to protect workers from medium to long-term effects.

ETHERA products are aimed especially at industries that handle or release VOCs: the wood, plastic, chemical, paper, textile, and health sectors are particularly involved.